Geodetic Network Design

We have spent decades building geodetic networks for federally funded geoscience research and are now serving non-academic sectors. If you have a project where long-term, precise positions are needed from your geodetic infrastructure, please contact us or fill out the New Network Questionnaire. Our passion is to build the most robust CORS and deliver high-quality data.

Geodetic Network Modernization

Do you have an existing CORS network that needs to be modernized? Given certain criteria, we can do an evaluation on a cost-recovery basis to provide an estimate and project plan to upgrade GNSS, communications, power system, and hardware components. We typically recommend replacing pillar, mast, roof, or rohn tower monuments with standardized and proven designs (See Stability). If interested, please fill out the Network Renovation form to start the conversation.

Geologic Assessment

A crucial but often overlooked step in the CORS installation process is a proper geologic evaluation by a licensed professional geologist to ensure that both the subsurface is stable and that the appropriate drilling/driving method is implemented. There are numerous examples of expensive installations collecting years of noise because a geologic evaluation was not completed or was ignored.

Geology section

Monument Selection and Installation

The name VerQuin is a derivation of Vertex of a Quincuncx geometry that creates a stable truss structure for placement of a geodetic reference point. It is an acknowledgment of the Deep-Drilled Braced Monument, a proven design used throughout research-level geophysical geodetic networks funded by the National Science Foundation and NASA (See History and Stability). We install deep-drilled braced, short-drilled braced, and short-driven braced monuments as well as hybrids. The monument selection process depends upon geology, access, project goals, and budget.
Monument Designs

Power System Design and Installation

Power interruptions don’t need to cause your CORS to go down. We design and install power systems to support full operation in any environment and any latitude with 15-30 days of backup power whether the system is AC or DC. If more redundancy is needed, no problem.

Security Design and Installation

Having equipment stolen is a setback. Having the monument damaged is a total loss of investment and position timeseries. We have dealt with many incidences of vandalism and have learned what deterrent techniques work and where to deploy them. Oftentimes, a modest investment upfront mitigates data loss and will save thousands or tens of thousands of dollars of time, materials, and electronics in the long run.


Need low latency/real-time 1Hz data? Higher rate? Terrific. We have a telemetry solution for you regardless of location and whether it is a cellular, microwave, Vsat, or direct connection and are adept and fine-tuning components for optimal performance. We have experience tracking hundreds of independent telemetry components and ensuring software and firmware are updated.

Quality Control and State of Health Monitoring

At VerQuin, we are skilled at analyzing position time series, multipath, cycle slips, observations, voltages, telemetry metrics, signal to noise and other data quality attributes. QC and SOH monitoring are fundamental components of geodetic network operations and maintenance. If you are not on top of your data, even obvious issues can go unnoticed and lead to years of noisy data, let alone enigmatic problems. We are professionals at quality control. Let us do this so you can rely on the precise positions.

Data Quality

Operations and Maintenance

Individual CORS are visited every two years whether or not there is an issue in a QC metric. In the field we do preventative maintenance, keep vegetation trimmed, do repairs, assess variance in vandalism potential, optimize telemetry, check the power system and connections, and stay on good terms with landowners. Remotely, we handle firmware and software updates, track equipment, adjust receiver settings, process data communication billing, and a lot of other things associated with maintaining networks. A thorough understanding of materials, equipment, electronics, telemetry, and environment facilitates efficient operations and maintenance of geodetic networks. Have us do the O&M so you can just use the data.

Data Analysis

Given clean, reliable data, do you want to know how and why your site is moving? With expertise in active tectonics and surface processes, we can give you an idea. And if we don’t know the precise answer, we can call upon an expert who does.